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U2, Montreal 2011

Posted on 11 July 2011 (4)


I could, and should, someday write a long treatise about hauling myself from Tel Aviv to London (en route to the US for my sister’s wedding) in August of 1993 to see U2 at Wembley Stadium on the Zooropa tour, and how it altered the course of my life completely. That time is not now, but it would go a long way in explaining why I would spend 4 days hauling myself up to Montreal to see U2 play a show in the middle of a race track along with 79,999 other people, why I would get up at 6:30 on my day off and go sit on said racetrack for 8 hours, waiting on line, to then sprint down the racetrack in the heat and then hug a metal barrier for the next five hours until the band comes onstage… and I get a shot like the one above.

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Posted on 27 July 2010 (2)


The corner of 7th & Main in Downtown Los Angeles. If you know what it is, you know what it is; if you don’t recognize it, it won’t mean anything even if I explained it to you.

(Of course, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you saw this last week, so I apologize.)

I have to say that this was one of the coolest rock and roll things I have gone looking for in a long time. It was so much fun figuring out where this was, realizing it was still there, and then going there and putting the puzzle pieces together.

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Night 2

Posted on 31 October 2009 (2)

Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Benefit
30 October, 2009
Madison Square Garden
Featuring: Aretha Franklin, Jeff Beck, Metallica, U2

In 30 million years, I honestly never expected it. Everyone was blah blah blah Mick Jagger, blah blah blah Bob Dylan, blah blah blah. We knew how early the Bruce setlist had leaked out the previous day and so stayed far, far away from the internet. Seeing Bruce with U2 was on the bucket list, but we didn’t know how it would ever actually come to pass.

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happy birthday, gavin friday

Posted on 05 October 2009 (7)

An Evening With Gavin Friday and Friends
Carnegie Hall, 4 October 2009

I went to this show because the lineup was kind of randomly and delightfully eclectic and the chance to see the members of U2 in an extra-curricular activity is not something I generally get to see, and the whole Gavin-Bono-Guggi trinity is fascinating. I really believed that all four members of the band weren’t going to appear onstage as U2 tonight. They were listed individually by name in the event listing.

I am also an idiot who was woefully unprepared for the wonder that awaited me.

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light my way [U2 at Giants Stadium]

Posted on 27 September 2009 (7)

U2 360
Giants Stadium

I don’t do stadiums.

I really don’t. If I am in the blimp nest for a rock and roll show, there has to be some kind of exceptional reason – end of band, end of tour, end of something. I sat out Born In The USA when it got to the stadiums. I have skipped other Bruce shows there. I made an exception for the Stones once, and never again.

Of course in the same breath I can tell you that seeing U2 on Zooropa at Wembley Stadium changed my life.

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she’s the one

Posted on 24 September 2009 (2)

U2 does “She’s The One” Giants Stadium 9-23-09 from caryn rose on Vimeo.

Thanks to NJ Transit, i got home too late to write anything. More tonight.

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